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What do you get when you put two SEO Geeks with a passion for startups and a desire to bring value to others? Growth Insights.

What We Want - All MSME's To Stay On The Rise đź‘Ś

Given the current market condition, it’s definitely our main mission to help/assist small and medium enterprises to leverage what the “Internet” has to offer

Nerds Who ❤️ SEO​

Many people think you can call yourself an “SEO Expert” or a “Ranking Guru” just by stuffing a heap of keywords throughout your websites. That is not how SEO works, at least not anymore. And to nerds like us who look at SEO as the teenage celebrity crush we’d die for, it seems almost sinful.

This is why, at Growth Insights, we give out some of the best SEO tips that you can learn, implement, and grow your business. You can find all of our articles on our blog, where we also put up case studies of various business models and how startups have been successful in implementing them.

đź“ś Why did we start?

SEO has become a household term today, and nearly every person in the world who has a rough knowledge of the internet knows that websites rely on SEO heavily. And why wouldn’t they? SEO is crucial to getting your website just placed on – if not at the top – of the coveted first page Google Search. Everything starts and ends with the first result page of Google, and if we’re being generous, the top five results of the second page. No one would even care if they woke up one morning to see the rest taken off the entire internet.

That is the power, and importance, of getting placed on the first page of Google. And not a lot of people are able to achieve this feat. Everyone has an equal opportunity to make their mark on the internet yet they don’t.

The reason? SEO – something we nerds Shivaharsh Murugan and Sachin Shaji have fallen in love with. Their involvement in helping others learn the art of SEO on the Growth Insights Blog stands a living testament to this statement.

Also something the two founders of Growth Insights are passionate about is startups. There’s something mysteriously satisfying about studying the underdog’s story, isn’t there? The tale of David versus Goliath is not just any bedtime story but a true feat that’s taking place every single day in all aspects of life, more so in business than any other field.

Every single day, there are startups that wage war against the giants of the market, put up more than just a fight – they come out dominating. Take Flipkart’s acquisition of a part of one of the largest retail companies in the world – Walmart India[1]. And the movie material only comes when you find out that Walmart had invested in Flipkart just a couple years ago. The perfect underdog story.

Flipkart’s story is just one of the many underdog success stories that just compels you to study more and more about them, repeat their business models, and create more success stories out of your own businesses. And this is exactly what inspires the founders of Growth Insights as well.

Shivaharsh and Sachin are crazy about startups and the success stories they project. So much so, that they spend almost all of their free time researching how startups like OLA, Swiggy, Unacademy, and a lot more have been able to make their mark on the world, and take India to a level incomprehensible to the layman. The Growth Insights blog is an effort to help other people understand what they have learnt from studying these companies so meticulously.

Shivaharsh is a company secretary and lawyer-turned SEO geek. He is also deeply passionate about startups, and along with his partner Sachin, the two geeks go on a wild hunt on the internet, scraping every piece of information they can find about startups and their business models, SEO, and a lot more cool stuff. You can find it all on their blog, and even subscribe to their mailing list for constant updates on their research and findings, along with useful tips to rank your website and also make good money from it.

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