Payments Made Easy – The ZestMoney Business Model

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Recent years have proven that one of the fast growing sectors in India has been the ECommerce sector, closely followed by the fintech and logistic sectors. But with an increase in all things ecommerce, we’re also seeing consumers being cautious over spending online. A huge factor in this is the unavailability of paying later for […]

1mg Business Model – Prescription deliverer & much more! 

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Quick Introduction : Read about 1mg’s Business Model which started as a repository of drug information as HealthkartPlus and then evolving into one of the key players in online pharmacy space. A decade back, the strong nexus between some doctors and chemists had made it impossible for you or me to even think of receiving […]

Purple Cow Book Summary | By Seth Godin 4 Mins Read

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MBA grads who’ve been tuned to believe that Marketing is defined by 4P’s for products and 7P’s for services – what you’re about to read in this article will redefine what has been taught!  Pay close attention and you will be able to grasp what Seth Godin and his book “Purple Cow” have to offer.  […]

Running Short Of Cash? Try These 5 Pay Later Apps – India

Buy now pay later apps are all the rage in India today. But exactly what are they, and are they really as amazing as you think? We take a look at some of the most used pay later apps in India. That soul crushing feeling of dying to see a movie, or go out partying […]

Top 13 Indian Ed-tech start-ups that are aiming to revamp our education system

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In late 2017, when I first heard of Byju’s on a television advertisement I distinctly remember feeling this pang of jealousy for the school-going generation back then for whom education was being made fun. As at that time, education was anything but “Fun” Fast forward to today and there are a slew of ed-tech start-ups […]

Khatabook Business Model – Digital Accounting Made Easy

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From a cramped college dorm in Mumbai to a $300 million USD business in just two years – How Khatabook’s business model has transformed the way businesses maintain and manage expenses. The internet is a vast space. And it’s only growing bigger every single day. Gone are the days when you had to walk to […]

Lazypay’s Business Model & Revenue Streams – Making Installments Easier

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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, several large-scale businesses have dealt with a massive blow, while medium and small scale businesses are struggling to keep their head above water. To reduce losses, several businesses have started laying off people by the hundreds. Thousands of people are being given the sack almost daily, and several families are […]

Lijjat Papad Business Model & Journey – From 80 Rupees To 800 Crores

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Any Indian who has been a part of the TV revolution in India from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s probably knows of a little rabbit puppet that goes around distributing tasty discs of “papads” and people gathering and happily singing “Karam Kurram” on the roads. Fun times, apparently. The ad was big for […]

Urbanclap’s Business Model – Revolutionizing The Service Industry

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Outline Introduction History Facts and Figures Funding And Valuation A Two-fold Business Model Key Resources Revenue Streams Future Plans Closing Thoughts   What if you could have all of your house chores done for you, by a professional, at a very reasonable rate? This is the simple thought that struck Varun Khaitan, and which led […]

The Zomato Business Model – Reaching People’s Hearts Through Food

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Indians have changed a lot this past decade. Particularly, the way we eat has changed.  Nowadays, we don’t run over to the fridge or our kitchen everytime we feel hungry – we just look at our phones for the most delicious snack available on Zomato or Swiggy. The food delivery industry has become almost ,synonymous […]

Swiggy’s Business Model – Making Bank Delivering Quality Food

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Introduction Whether you’re a foodie or not, everyone loves it when something they’ve ordered arrives at their doorstep as fast as possible and without spending too much effort. But that just wasn’t possible nearly six years ago. With the exception of a few fast-food chains, you could not have your choice of food delivered home […]

How Unacademy’s Business Model Is Propelling Its Growth

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In 2010, with a deadbeat recording equipment and nothing but a strong will to impart quality education to students around the world, Gaurav Munjal made up his mind to start a youtube channel that taught students conventional school subjects in a not so conventional way. A decade later, Unacademy is valued at half a billion […]

OLA’s Business Model – How Exactly Does OLA Work?

Introduction It was in December of 2010 when a 25-year-old Bhavish Agarwal started a simple ridesharing company with a vision to change the way India commuted. Nine years later, OLA is now a common household name, with operations in more than 169 cities throughout the globe serving around 200 million customers. And things are just […]

What is International SEO? [Part 1 of 5 Article Series]

According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft,“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” The Internet plays a very immense and vital role in businesses that make use of digital marketing to reach out to the public. Right from a local shop setting up a website to increase its sales locally and global […]

Log File Analysis – [Part 1 of 2 Article Series]

Log File Analysis Introduction Not many in the SEO industry are aware of the enormous benefits that are offered by Log File Analysis, I spoke to a couple of friends in my agency, and quite a few were taken back by the term itself. For some, it may sound a bit difficult, but in reality, […]