What is a Business Model?

There's a lot of confusion about business models. Some people think it means running a business without making money. Others think it means a sweet model airplane they got for Christmas when they were a kid. What it really means is the way a business makes money. Here are the most common business models:

There is a diverse range of business models in the world. Some of these models have been around for years and others have been developed by entrepreneurs in response to new opportunities. The phrase business model is commonly used today, but many people do not know exactly what it means. There are several definitions of the term. One definition is that a business model describes how a company creates, delivers, and captures value. Under this definition, a business model is a strategy, process, or system that describes how a company makes money.

Business Models of Indian Startups

In this space, you’ll get to learn about various Indian Startups that have made a fortune using the right business models. Our current focus is to better analyze the business models of Indian Startups and then move on Global Startups.

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