What is Design Thinking?

"Design thinking" sounds like a buzzword, but it actually refers to an entirely new way of thinking about solving problems. It is based on an attitude that recognises that humans are inherently creative, and that by tapping into this, we can come up with better solutions to human challenges.

If there is one thing that is almost universally agreed upon in the startup community, it’s the importance of and the need for design thinking. A while back, Ray Wang, wrote an article on TechCrunch about why design thinking is so important for startups. Despite the fact that Ray is a big fan of design thinking, I still found myself slightly confused as to what it really is. (I mean, I’ve heard the term, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant.)

“Why did you start writing about design thinking?” is a question we get asked quite a bit by readers, so we thought we’d take some time to explain why we started Growth Insights as a design thinking blog. The main reason is that design thinking is the best method for solving problems I’ve ever come across, and there are few problems that I’m more passionate about solving than in helping businesses push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Design Thinking Explained

In this space, you’ll get to learn about Design thinking. The process has recently been adapted for the world of business and, you guessed it, design thinking for business is taking companies by storm. The reason? It works!

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